Collection: Shreddin' The Gnar

Inspiration hit right as I got up the chair lift, it was actually nice warm day, The snow is NOT staying here over in Ontario, I haven't skied at all this year, so we rushed over to get in as much as we could, some of the good shreddin hills were still in good condition, as we get off, that's when everything kicked in.


I felt like I was right in one of paintings all the textures around, the high hills to make paths for trails, even the trees made trails, it was THE most beautiful day all I could think of was creating this into a collection, I hit every run I could, came back and worked SO hard on this collection, My ADHD brain would never allow me to complete a collection it takes me months, from all the ideas rushing in, this one felt way way to close to the soul it was so peaceful creating these, my brain was just so in love, I hope you enjoy them! <3


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