About Me

Who Am I?

Courtney Simonaitis or known as Courtney Mixed Studio is a self taught intuitive, mixed media artist based in Southern Ontario, Canada. She's known as the Texture queen and her unique vibrant colourful, acrylic paintings. She has sold hundreds of paintings across the world, and she's never been so proud achieving her art dreams in the matter of her 3 years.
With an aesthetic eye for colour and her LOVE for nature, Courtney is continuously driven to develop and evolve her artistic learning through paint play and media experimentation. This ever-evolving progress is predictable within her unique artworks. Bright, intuitive and free flowing with little pre-planned outcome of the finished composition. Getting lost in the creative process allows the textures and colour relationships to direct individual compositions organically, giving each piece an aesthetically pleasing quality.
The inspirations for her art always comes from within like a diary, expressing her emotions, or just enjoying nature all around her. Each painting begins with a colour/texture obsession, a dream or a constant thought and evolves.